Pluggit webinars with XClima Europe

The independent web-based platform XClima Europe is a meeting place for the exchange of current knowledge and experience with regard to energy, renewable energy and energy saving in buildings.

Pluggit hence uses the platform XClima Europe so that you can actively develop new chances on the market!

Experience live Pluggit webinars on the platform XClima Europe – the easiest and most effective way to keep up to date about room ventilation for new buildings and refurbishment in our fast-paced time.

Advantages of a webinar:

  • Permanent availability of continuous training opportunities by means of the web-based offer of webinars without additional programmes needed.
  • Central and safe working environment because special features allow for the exchange of information with other users.
  • Little organisational effort and high cost savings (e. g. no travel times and expenses).
  • Participation free of charge
  • No interference with the normal working routine like with time-consuming absences due to further training.
  • Employee-, function- and knowledge-related selection of webinars according to individual needs.

Those who want to experience a live Pluggit webinar can register on XClima in order to apply for the respective webinars.

Simply click, accept the terms and conditions, then enter your name, email address and the desired language. After that, assign and confirm the desired password using the link in the incoming email. Now you can log in; the whole process takes less than 5 minutes!

Further questions on:

Registration on XClima Europe

Application for a webinar

Homepage XClima Europe

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