Will the air in the living space not become too dry due to the continuous ventilation in winter?

airflow, which conducts from outside

When ventilating (also by opening windows), dry outside air is always supplied to the room. This process can neither be avoided when using a ventilation system. Thanks to the ventilation system, this happens, however, measured to the right amount.

The amount of air can be regulated by means of the 3-level-switch or the clock timer:

- At temperatures below zero of the outside air and thus low water vapour content in the fresh air a lower fan stage can be set via the controller.

- Humidification of the indoor air

– ventilating customary humidifiers and foliage plants at higher temperatures of the outside air with higher air volume.

- Avoidance of excessive reheating of the supply air - at 60°C dust pyrolysis (heat decomposition) is to be expected, i.e. drying of the nasal mucous membranes.

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