PC Tool Pluggit iFlow to control the Avent ventilation units & Soft-/Firmwareupdates

Suitable for Avent P190, P310, P460 & D160.

Screenshot iFlow

Please read the Download-Files at the right side.

Download Installation File for PC Tool Pluggit iFlow

Version: Pluggit iFlow 160

To commission a residential ventilation unit via Pluggit iFlow, you need as a specialist in the installer mode of Pluggit iFlow.
Please go to the right side, the PDF document (installer mode password) to gain access. To use this file, a registration specialist installers in the extranet is necessary.

Download update software for ventilation unit Avent P 190/310/460

Version: Firmware unit 158 (only needed if version 156 is installed on the ventilation unit)

Version: Firmware v268 (current version)

Download update software remote control APRC

Version: software-version v2.1.5

The software version of the remote control APRC v2.1.5 is the current version. It is compatible with the software for ventilation v.268.

The software version v2.1.5 of the remote control APRC is compatible with the software for ventilation v2.40 and v2.0.5.

Update information for endcustomers
If you want to get a information for new updates automatically by e-mail, please register on our online form with the notation (I am a: Owner / enduser / private) and enter the 13-digit unit serial number.

Update information for installers
If you are registered at Pluggit Extranet as an installer, you will be automatically notified of updates by email.

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