Exhaust air extraction with the ring distribution system

The exhaust air is sucked directly into the exhaust air ring via a designer cover, a filter and the distributor module. Due to the patented ring distribution system, the desired amount of air is discharged at each exhaust air outlet.

A throttle, at which the amount of exhaust air can be set, is fixed to the outlet. The air is supplied from the distributor module to the ventilation unit through a main duct.

Distributor module (suitable for exhaust air and supply air):

Distributor module

Exhaust air set:

The aerodynamically optimised components of our exhaust air duct are perfectly fitting, with the result that they only need to be connected. Every exhaust air outlet is equipped with a filter which largely prevents pollution of the connected duct system. The amount of exhaust air for each room can be set directly at the distributor module.
As usual with Pluggit, the components are offered in comfortable sets so that only one additional exhaust air set is needed when connecting another exhaust air room, for example. The air is extracted outside the building via the wall hood at the external wall. The latter is also used for the supply air.

Exhaust air set


Supply air via the iQoanda ring distribution system air outlets

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PluggFlex – ducts & hoses

Our purpose-designed and patented ducts and hoses can be quickly installed. Usually, neither shaped parts nor seals are necessary.

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