airflow, which conducts from outside
Due to the use of a hygienic air-geothermal heat exchanger, the outside air can be pre-heated in winter and cooled in summer. The air is sucked in at the intake point through an approximately 27-metre long duct, which is installed approximately 1.5 metres under the ground.

Demonstration GTC: GOK – Gelände Oberkante : ground level; Kollektorkanal : collector duct; 90° Bogen : 90° bow; Adapter NW150 oder NW180 mit Kondensatablauf : apapter DN150 or DN180 with condensate drain; Mauerdurchführung : wall duct; Adapter NW235-200 : adapter DN235-200; Filterelement : filter element; Frischlufteinlass NW200 fresh : air inlet DN200; Gefälle : Incline

GTC Edelstahlset

Winter mode with geothermal heat exchanger:

The outside air is heated up to temperatures around 0 °C. This prevents the exhaust air from being cooled down to such an extent that the produced condensate starts freezing. The so-called "frost-protection switching" of the ventilation unit which throttles or switches off the supply air flow rate to prevent the heat exchanger from cooling down any further, does not have to be activated. This enables even operation of the ventilation unit. Negative pressures in the building are avoided, since both fans can be operated continuously at the set capacity.

Summer mode:

Additional heating of the rooms is prevented by the outside air being cooled down. This is a very pleasant effect which must, however, not be confused with an air-conditioning system. No active cooling can be achieved due to the low flow rates. Without sufficient shading measures, the rooms will easily heat up.

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