Indoor air quality and health

The CO2 concentration in the indoor air is considered as an indicator for the air quality in living spaces. Humans release an average of 18 litres of CO2 per hour through the skin and by means of respiration. This does not remain without consequence for the required air exchange in your rooms.

Increased CO2 concentrations cause tiredness, lack of concentration, deterioration of performance, headaches and many more types of health disorders. Together with harmful substances from building materials, carpets or furniture or in the event of strong perspiration of chemicals and volatile substances (e.g. cleaning agents), the disorders may range from eye itchiness and allergies up to skin and mucosal disorders and even liver diseases.

Offer your tenants an increase in quality of life in your property while reducing heating costs and easing allergy problems. This ensures competitive advantages on the market and provides the possibility to obtain higher rents. At the same time, you prevent moisture damage to the building fabric and the resulting mould formation. This spares you from troublesome notices of defect, rent reductions and tedious legal procedures.


PluggVoxx by bioclimatic

Most healthy air for your home - Air treatment due to ionisation and photo-oxidation

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AF400 – Clean air thanks to sophisticated filter technology

For allergy sufferers, who are subject to particular strain in summer, we recommend the installation of a separate electrostatic Pluggit AF4 ...

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