Is the installation of a geothermal heat exchanger recommended?

Yes, we recommend the installation of a geothermal heat exchanger.

The geothermal heat exchanger is an approximately 30m long plastic pipe DN 200 installed at a depth of approximately 1.5 metres with an incline of 1.5%.

The fresh air is preheated from, for example, -10°C to +2°C using geothermal heat, i. e. the fresh air enters the heat recovery system at +2°C.

Thanks to the installation of the geothermal heat exchanger hardly any air at temperatures below zero enters the heat exchanger. As a result, the frost protection mode usually is never activated.

In summer, the geothermal heat exchanger serves to cool warm summer air from, for example, 30 °C to 20 °C. The condensed water thus produced is discharged via a sewer (siphon) in the cellar.

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