IsoPlugg 46, in accordance with DIN 1946-6

IsoPlugg 46 combines air conduct, heat insulation and protection against condensation for outside air lines and outgoing air lines in one duct system.

IsoPlugg 46

Against this background, additional insulation measures, as, e.g., prescribed with poorly insulated solutions, are unnecessary.

Air conduct, heat insulation and protection against condensation in one system

IsoPlugg 46 is made from expanded polypropylene EPP, an extremely lightweight and very dimensionally stable material due to its high elastic recovery capability with outstanding thermal insulation properties.

The system designed as plug connection works without additional fasteners and thus additionally facilitates the already quick mounting. Despite a low variety of parts, the IsoPlugg 46 system features a high variability – particularly in the case of twistable bow parts.

Due to the simplified planning, the reduced variety of parts and the quick and trouble-free mounting, IsoPlugg 46 contributes to an additional reduction in costs when using a room ventilation system with heat recovery.

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