PluggFlex – ducts & hoses

Our purpose-designed and patented ducts and hoses can be quickly installed. Usually, neither shaped parts nor seals are necessary.

Bows, for example, are required only in exceptional cases, such as for the transition of PK100 into the wall, in order to make sure the minimum bending radii are observed. Horizontal PluggFlex ducts are usually installed as air supply lines from the distributor. They are concealed under the screed. The individual exhaust air inlets are normally vertically connected to the PluggFlex hose and led to the exhaust air collector only on the level of the ventilation unit (cellar, attic). In this way, cross-overs are avoided.

PluggFlex duct - The original!

PluggFlex duct "allfloor"


Supply air via the iQoanda ring distribution system air outlets

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Supply air distribution via the VT distribution system

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Exhaust air via the EV distribution system

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