Prevent or relieve allergies

Almost every third person in Germany is affected by an allergy. Most people react to particular substances in the air: dust, mites, pollen etc. 13 million Germans alone suffer from hay fever that can in worst cases result in an inflammation of the bronchi and asthma due to the negative impact on the upper respiratory tract.

Unfortunately, children and teenagers are also increasingly affected by this health problem.

A Pluggit room ventilation system with heat recovery helps in various ways prevent allergies or relieve the symptoms. On the one hand, the polluted air is discharged continuously in a controlled manner which offers considerable relief for people who are allergic to dust, mites and pollen. On the other hand, the fresh air is conducted through a filter in the ventilation system and is thus cleaned before being inhaled.


PluggVoxx by bioclimatic

Most healthy air for your home - Air treatment due to ionisation and photo-oxidation

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AF400 – Clean air thanks to sophisticated filter technology

For allergy sufferers, who are subject to particular strain in summer, we recommend the installation of a separate electrostatic Pluggit AF4 ...

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