Prevent your home from depreciation.

Your flat will risk quick depreciation if a lack of air circulation causes moisture damages and mould formation which often is invisible. The building fabric suffers permanent damage and rehabilitation is very difficult and cost-intensive or in the worst-case scenario not possible at all.

Added value for your home

This is not the case with Pluggit: By refurbishing the flat by means of installing a controlled room ventilation system with heat recovery, you already increase the value of your property in comparison to a similar flat without this technology. Thanks to a Pluggit ventilation system with heat recovery, you also reliably prevent the risk of depreciation due to moisture damage in the years to come. And what is more, you enjoy further benefits. Thanks to our infrastructure, you can also install heating pipes and state-of-the-art communication systems at the same time, for example – Pluggit has protected this idea by patent rights.

Pluggit room ventilation systems with heat recovery offer you

• protection of the building fabric

• property value retention and appreciation

• improved quality of life • energy savings

• positive influence on your health (relief in case of allergic reactions)

• CO2 reduction

• integration options

• flexibility for the future

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