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Decentralized residential ventilation with heat recovery. Pluggit iconVent ventilation systems realize with single-room fans the required air exchange for all utilization units, from one-family house to flat. Not only in a new building but also in renovated houses.


Our centrepieces.

According to the principle of heat recovery the fresh air is pre-heated in an energy-efficient manner by a heat exchanger in the ventilation unit that uses the warm, used exhaust air and constantly provides a comfortable room climate and saves energy.


It’s all in the name.

In the Pluggit distribution system the supply and exhaust air pipes are invisibly fitted into the ceiling or into the floor. And what’s even better: They are quick and easy to install, requiring no additional sealing – “Plug-it!”


All-in-one premium quality duct.

The IsoPlugg 46 combines air conduct, heat insulation, sound insulation and protection against condensation in one product. It is lightweight, stable in shape, quickly mounted and more inexpensive than conventional products. Simple, quick and ready!


Ventilation with full steam ahead

The AeroFresh air humidifier guarantees a balanced indoor climate due to the optimum amount of humidity in the supplied indoor air. No more skin irritation and irritated eyes, because AeroFresh provides a perfect feel-good climate.


Ventilation & heating in combination.

The air-heat element PluggMar adds to the optimum indoor air quality by creating a comfortable room temperature. PluggMar is a fresh air dispenser and “radiator” in one and is available as elegant wall or floor version.


Warmth & coolness from the ground.

Our brine geothermal heat exchanger and hygienic-geothermal-heat exchanger offer maximum ventilation efficiency due to an optimum use of geothermal temperatures. Supplied outside air is pre-heated in winter and pre-cooled in summer.


No chance for freeze.

The preheating register ensures constant operation of the room ventilation system in cold weather. Freeze doesn’t have the ghost of chance, because the inflowing outside air is heated before entering the fresh air unit.


Breathe deeply and freely at home.

G4 or F7 class filters reliably clean the air in the living space. A separate electrostatic high performance 3-level filter has an even more lasting effect – Allergy sufferers can breathe deeply.


Here comes the air.

An optimised displacement ventilation with low air velocity combined with a Pluggit air outlet provides best indoor air quality and maximum ventilation efficiency. In various designs & types.


Direct contact to the outside.

Elegant and functional external wall grills in different designs serve to conduct the outside air and outgoing air to the central unit.


Air conduction from & to the top.

It is possible to lead the outside and outgoing air over the roof. The air conduction is hence effected using our roof hoods which are available in the colours black and red.


Air treatment due to ionisation and photo-oxidation; Drastically reduces incoming harmful substances; Ideal for allergy sufferers; Directly combinable with Pluggit Avent ventilation units

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Oct 07 2013 New owner strengthens Pluggit!

Pluggit, the German specialist and technological leader for residential ventilation with heat recovery has experienced solid development in recent years, which has led to a significant increase in market share. Key success factors contributing to Pluggit’s market leadership position are its innovative strength and excellent access to the market. In order to further enhance growth and to ensure a winning position in the race for innovation, the shareholders of Pluggit entered, advised by Altium Capital AG, into a process to find a new but strategic partner.

Dec 14 2011 Refurbishment & room ventilation

The Pluggit room ventilation systems. With Pluggit refresh, you can install the entire fresh air system in an existing flat.