Nature as a model

Air regeneration due to activated oxygen

PluggVoxx makes use of natural processes for air treatment

After a “clearing thunderstorm“ you can feel pure and clean air again. The principle of air treatment can be compared to that natural phenomenon. Activated oxygen stimulates an oxidation process that chemically alters odour molecules and microbes. New harmless substances are formed. The activated oxygen combined with the photo-oxidation permanently affects the cell structure of viruses, mould spores or bacteria so that they become inactive. That‘s how the activated air acts as a natural detergent in the indoor air.

That‘s how it works

At the same time, the photo-oxidation allows for the inactivation of microbes and the reduction of organic odorous substances. High-energy, short-wave UVC light is used as driving force for this reaction.

The second step involves a special ionisation technique that enriches the air with activated oxygen. This oxygen ensures a natural, health-conducive air ion concentration, apermanent disinfection of the indoor air and the surfaces as well as an efficient odour neutralisation.

Not the ghost of a chance for microbes

The four bar charts of a laboratory testshow how quick and intensive the PluggVoxx air treatment works: Within only 48 hours the number of the various harmful microbes in the indoor air drops to almost zero. An expertise of the University of Marburg confirms the inactivation of the microbes within a few seconds.


PluggVoxx by bioclimatic

Most healthy air for your home - Air treatment due to ionisation and photo-oxidation

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