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Breathing deeply with Pluggit room ventilation systems. With Pluggit, you can implement the entire ventilation of a house or flat.

The installation is strictly based on the ideal 2Q principle of cross and displacement ventilation: The position of the air outlet can be freely selected. Its ideal position is, however, opposite to the entrance door of the room to allow the air to flow across the room and fill it entirely. With this system, the air does not have to be blown at high speed through the room. Instead it flows out very slowly, like from a natural spring, without disturbing noises.

In contrast to conventional ventilation systems, Pluggit installations can be easily combined with the architectural design of buildings due to the small size of the components and the unique, simple installation technique. The air distribution system is largely concealed by the floor structure, however accessibility (for maintenance and cleaning) remains ensured through inspection holes integrated in the air distributor.

How does the Pluggit room ventilation system work? The name Pluggit stands for technically sophisticated systems which nevertheless work simply: The fresh outside air is sucked in by the ventilation unit. After it has been filtered and heated, the air is supplied to the supply air rooms (living rooms, nurseries, workrooms and bedrooms) where the entire area is supplied consistently and effectively with fresh air. The air is then led through the cross section rooms (corridor, hall) to the exhaust air rooms (kitchen, bathroom, WC). There, the humid, used up air is extracted and conducted via the exhaust air collector to the ventilation unit where almost its entire thermal energy is transferred to the supply air by means of the heat exchanger. It is then discharged from the house as outgoing air.

Your advantages: You enjoy all benefits of a constant fresh air supply at your home without any impairment by draughts or disturbing noises. Our air outlets are integrated inconspicuously in your living environment due to their discrete design.

Integration options

The PluggFlex distribution technology, invisibly installed in the floor, is protected by patent. You can use Pluggit to integrate other installations too, such as heating and electricity lines. Energetically practical and most frequently applied is the integration of heating pipes and the connection of PluggMar air-heat elements, the gentle and cosy Pluggit air heating.

Floor construction of the system with PluggMar : Steigleitung: riser main; PluggFlex-Schlauch: PluggFlex hose; PluggMar Luft-Wärme-Element: PluggMar air-heat element; Integration Heizung: integration heating; Verteiler: Distributor; PluggFlex-Kanal: PluggFlex duct

Convenient and energy-efficient.

The fresh air is already tempered by the heating pipes also installed in the floor ducts and then further heated in the PluggMar air-heat element by means of a heating register. The warm air gently flows into the room behind a satinised glass plate and, in this way, heats your living room or the nursery, for example. Traditional radiators are no longer required in these rooms. The system is an ideal technical solution particularly for houses with minimum heat requirements (low-energy house or lower) and on top of that, it also has an excellent design.

Fresh air and gentle heat are combined to form a comfortable living atmosphere.

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