Added value for your home.

A room ventilation system not only significantly contributes to reducing CO2 and heating costs, but also features marginal energy consumption. Yet another positive effect is priceless – the improvement of the own quality of life!

Prevent property from depreciation

An independent study at the University of Jena, Dresden University of Technology, and IEMB Berlin (Institute for Rehabilitation and Modernisation of Buildings) has shown that nearly every one in four flats (22%) has already been visibly damaged due to moisture. The amount of concealed moisture damage is even a great deal higher. And once the mould has settled in the corners, this considerably reduces the value of your property. Details

Prevent your home from depreciation.

Your flat will risk quick depreciation if a lack of air circulation causes moisture damages and mould formation which often is invisible. The building fabric suffers permanent damage and rehabilitation is very difficult and cost-intensive or in the worst-case scenario not possible at all. Details

Air tightness test for your house - the blower door test

New houses must be constructed air-tight nowadays. To check the air tightness, air is pressed into your house during the blower door test until an overpressure of 50 Pa is achieved. Details

Flexibility – also in the future

What if you want to use your computer in another room in the future, for example? Or maybe you want to move the telephone to a new place? Or maybe you decide to install an automatic shutter control? Details

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Oct 07 2013 New owner strengthens Pluggit!

Pluggit, the German specialist and technological leader for residential ventilation with heat recovery has experienced solid development in recent years, which has led to a significant increase in market share. Key success factors contributing to Pluggit’s market leadership position are its innovative strength and excellent access to the market. In order to further enhance growth and to ensure a winning position in the race for innovation, the shareholders of Pluggit entered, advised by Altium Capital AG, into a process to find a new but strategic partner.

Dec 14 2011 Refurbishment & room ventilation

The Pluggit room ventilation systems. With Pluggit refresh, you can install the entire fresh air system in an existing flat.