5 products – 1 concept – everything fits perfectly

Perfectly matched components and high flexibility: architects, specialised companies and builders benefit from the PLUGGIT system competence.

Highest flexibility with few elements

Wall and ceiling distributor VKR150 & VKR-UP150

The new distributor made of steel sheet can be mounted on the wall or ceiling; it serves as control centre with integrated sound insulation for the patented PLUGGIT air distribution (supply and exhaust air) to up to six outlets. The air volume flows are controlled by means of the plug-on round pipe valves RD75.

Plugg FlexR round pipes NW 75

PKR75 rund pipe

Plugg FlexR round ventilation pipes consist of the same food-safe polypropylene (PP) which already has proved successful with the known PLUGGIT PK flat ducts for more than 20 years. The model for success of the patented sound insulation wave and the single layer material structure with the smooth inner surface has been has been consistently continued. The compressive strength is designed to the use in concrete ceilings.

Elbow EVWS75 and Concrete ring BR150

The elbow is made of resistant ABS. If major amounts of air are required, two PluggFlex R round ventilation pipes can be plugged on the elbow. Usable for supply and exhaust air.

Round pipe valve RD75

The required amount of air is infinitely adjustable using the round pipe valve. The round pipe valve can be easily connected to the Pluggit round ventilation pipe Plugg Flex R.


Fresh air at all levels

The breakthrough in round ventilation pipes! Quick and secure installation now also in concrete ceilings

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We‘ve set it

It applies to all PLUGGIT ventilation systems that: All air volume flows for every room are regulated centrally by means of throttles or val ...

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