PluggVoxx by bioclimatic

Most healthy air for your home - Air treatment due to ionisation and photo-oxidation

  • Drastically reduces incoming harmful substances
  • Ideal for allergy sufferers
  • Directly combinable with Pluggit Avent ventilation units

Fresh air that meets the highest requirements

Hygienically clean air quality for healthy living

PluggVoxx removes disturbing odours, reduces bacteria, microbes as well as viruses and considerably inhibits pollen and thus creates hygienically clean air. The air thus treated additionally disables micro-organisms that already are in the dwelling unit and thus ensures the most healthy interior climate. The compact and energy-saving unit can be directly connected to the Pluggit Avent ventilation units.

PLUGGIT PluggVoxx air treatment NW 150 for room ventilation units. Reduces odours, bacteria, viruses and pollen by means of air ionisation and UV treatment.

Technical data

Dimensions (w x h x d)520 x 300 x 260 mm
Power supply230 V / 50 Hz
Input powermax. 40 W
Average power consumption in 24 hoursapprox. 0.96 kWh, this coresponds to approx. 7.50 € / month
Weight approxca. 12.5 kg
For air volume flow ratesup to 350 m3/h

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In the unit the air is treated like in a thunderstorm that clears the air.

1+1 = Perfect feel-good climate

The new PluggVoxx air treatment is the ideal complement to the Pluggit Avent ventilation units. Both units can be easily connected to each other. The effect: fresh, clean and now also healthy indoor air in the entire building.

Little space for much equipment

We successfully fitted the processes necessary for air regeneration in a compact casing and succeeded in keeping the space requirements down.

Pluggit successful duo: Ventilation unit and air treatment unit

Powerful duo

PluggVoxx and Pluggit Avent ventilation units are simply connected to each other. Can also be integrated subsequently in already existing systems.

Good air becomes visible

PluggVoxx features an integrated air quality monitor (VOCs sensor). It automatically regulates the intensity of the unit on the basis of the individually adjustable default setting and the current air pollution. The measured air quality is shown in the display. Thus the operational state of the PluggVoxx can be easily read at any time.


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