Additional features

airflow, which conducts from outside
Optionally there are further modularly mountable additional features available which make life with fresh air even more comfortable.

Wireless remote control

Wireless remote control APRC


Automatic summer bypass APSB
Allows circuiting the crosscounter- current heat exchanger in order to be able to supply the cooler night air in the summer months.

Electrical preheating register

Electrical preheating APHR
Serves to preheat the outside air during the winter months and facilitates the frost protection.


ServoFlow kit APSF

Automatic calibration and adjustment of the volume flow by means of pressure sensors.

VOCs, relative humidity sensor

VOCs air quality monitor / Humidity sensor APRF
Control of the VOC concentration or/and relative humidity according to individual needs due to automatic adjustment of the air volume flow.


The fresh air quartet for walls and ceilings

The modular all-rounders! The ventilation units programme for all applications

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