The fresh air quartet for walls and ceilings

The modular all-rounders! The ventilation units programme for all applications

• Efficient basic equipment with wide range of applications

• Space-saving for wall and ceiling installation

• Expandable for individual comfort

Wall units
Efficient, energy-saving, easy to maintain and assemble: The latest generation of Pluggit Avent P wall units with heat recovery features a cross-counter-current heat exchanger made of aluminium and four ventilation levels. Having excellent values in terms of electrical efficiency and the heat supply rate it meets the current requirements.

AventP 190/310/460 room ventilation system with heat recovery

Due to the additional supply air connector at the bottom of the unit, the Pluggit Avent AP190 is perfectly suitable for the installation in flats or in attics, for instance.

Avent D160 the room ventilation unit with heat recovery
Ceiling unit
Space-saving and efficient: The new ventilation unit Pluggit Avent D160 can be mounted on the ceiling and therefore is ideal for the use in detached houses and flats. Being the only ceiling unit, Pluggit Avent D160 is equipped with a vertical heat exchanger which ensures a hygienically perfect condensate discharge.

Volume flow range

(nominal volume flow rate level III) according to DIN 1946-6

Basic can be so much ...

Already the standard version of Pluggit Avent ventilation units features all important functions and properties for an efficient air exchange according to individual needs as well as many comfort functions.

Keypad = 4 symbols + 1 display
Operation of the basic functions, acknowledgement of errors and filter reset, display of the chosen ventilation level and error messages.

Summer mode
Press the bypass icon for 5 seconds and the deactivation of the supply air ventilator ensures a comfortable room climate even at high outdoor temperatures.

Weekly programmes
Choice between 10 preset weekly programmes or 2 individual programmings.

Frost protection function
For the highest efficiency even in the winter months.

Right / left version
For optimal positioning and connection of the ventilation unit to the air ducts.

Fireplace feature
Facilitates the simultaneous operation of an indoor air independent fireplace. The frost protection function is reset.

Fire booster
Activation of the fire booster for 7 minutes in order to initiate an indoor air independent fireplace due to positive pressure.


Additional features

Optionally there are further modularly mountable additional features available which make life with fresh air even more comfortable.

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Already the standard version of Pluggit Avent ventilation units provides all important communication features for a simple control of the ve ...

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