Protection against humidity

In a 4-person household, on average, up to 15 litres of water evaporate as water vapour into the air every day. Due to cooking, bathing, washing - or simply due to breathing. One person exhales up to one litre of water every night for example.

Water vapour

This is enough to increase the relative humidity from 60% to 100% at a temperature of 20 degrees. This humidity poses a considerable risk of mould formation and also subjects the building fabric of your property to risk. With Pluggit refresh fresh air systems, the humidity is systematically extracted and discharged by constant, controlled indoor air exchange. This protects the building fabric of your property from moisture damage and mould formation and your tenants from damage to their health. Furthermore, a convenience ventilation system reduces the heating costs by up to 70% and increases the living convenience and hence the quality of life. These factors increase the value of your property, create a basis for higher rental receipts and ensure a competitive advantage in the market.


Protection of the building fabric

Mould initially grows almost invisibly and rather fast. Whenever warm air comes into contact with cooler surfaces and falls below the dew po ...

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