Protection of the building fabric

Mould initially grows almost invisibly and rather fast. Whenever warm air comes into contact with cooler surfaces and falls below the dew point during this process, condensation water precipitates on walls or windows.

Due to thermal bridges, such cooler surfaces can also often be found in new buildings. It is even worse if air flows out of the house due to leaks in the building shell. In this case the moisture precipitates in the wall structure, causing invisible damage. When it is detected, it may already be too late, because remediation is complicated and expensive or, in extreme cases, even impossible as soon as the mould has settled in the wall structure.

protected building

Room ventilation systems with heat recovery always provide sufficient air circulation and discharge the humid air from the house, preventing mould damage and protecting your building fabric.

Therefore, you should check your home by means of the blower door test in order to detect such leaks in time. With a Pluggit room ventilation system with heat recovery, you can avoid excess air humidity in your house.


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