Creative minds need fresh air

Pluggit domestic ventilation provides reliable air exchange in the new build of the full service advertising agency NETmark5 GmbH in Landsberg.

Building report NETmark5

Creative minds need fresh air Pluggit domestic ventilation provides reliable air exchange in the new build of the full service advertising agency NETmark5 GmbH in Landsberg. Flush design panels ensure that the system fits perfectly (also optically) into the cubist building with glass facade.

Building report NETmark5 PluggLine Design panels

The new creative headquarters is located directly next to the old agency offices. The building quickly became too small for the continuously growing number of staff, reports owner Jürgen Farenholtz. The two-storey new build in Bauhaus style impresses with its transparency: Around 90% of the south facade of the building is glass. “This transparency should not only support the creative process, but rather also underline our self-image as a modern agency,” explains Farenholtz.

Building report NETmark5 PluggLine Design panels

Domestic ventilation by conviction

The timber frame construction gem was completed in six months - the move to the new offices took place in May 2014. The decision in favour of a domestic ventilation system was one of conviction, says agency owner Farenholtz: “We have worked with Pluggit successfully in the area of commercial communication for years. In this way we were, of course, well informed about the advantages of domestic ventilation systems - a new build without an appropriate system was therefore inconceivable for us.”

Following prior analysis and calculation, the required amount of air is simultaneously supplied and extracted from the individual rooms. In this way, manual window ventilation is rendered obsolete. In addition, the extracted air passes its stored heat energy to the colder fresh air supplied via a heat exchanger - this brings with it a saving potential of more than 60% of heating costs, as uncontrolled heat losses can be avoided. Apart from this, excess humidity is reliably expelled, which ensures that there is no chance of mould. The simple plug-in technology, used to install the distribution system - which is typical of Pluggit - guarantees a smooth, trouble-free installation. As appearance is not to be overlooked in an advertising agency, Farentholtz decided in favour of Pluggit Design panels. The stainless-steel flush covering panels for the air intake and extractor vents blend perfectly into the modern overall image of the new build.

Hassle-free installation, even without previous experience of Pluggit systems

Installation was carried out by the Häntsche GmbH plumbing company from Landsberg, who had no prior experience with installing Pluggit systems. Peter Häntsche: “We had a product briefing by a Pluggit technician directly at the construction site. Installation of the ventilation system is easy to understand - in principle it is self-explanatory. With the installation plan provided, installation was no problem. “And in the event that we had a question, a technician or sales representative was always available as a point of contact,” adds Häntsche. Commissioning the system, as well as its specific configurations, was explained in depth by a Pluggit technician. Thanks to the positive experience, Häntsche is convinced: “Next time I am tasked with installing a ventilation system, I will definitely be using the Pluggit system again.”

Building report NETmark5 shell construction scenario: A distribution unit with connection lines is installed on every storey. The fresh air supply and extractor lines are fitted in the ceiling.

Building report NETmark5 shell construction scenario: Air supply lines are installed in the flooring.

Pluggit systems can be expanded by an array of supplementary technical features: First and foremost, agency owner Farenholtz had to think of his employees who suffered from allergies, and could envisage an expansion. Specifically the PluggVoxx air-treatment system, which removes aggressive pollen grains and dust particles from the air so that those with allergies can also breathe freely. In order to do this, the device uses the natural processes of a “cleansing storm”, after which you can feel the clear and clean air. The process takes place in two stages: High-energy, short-wave UVC light is used as a driving force for photo-oxidation. The cellular structure of viruses, mould spores and bacteria are destroyed. In a second stage, a special ionisation technique enriches the air with activated oxygen, which generates a natural, health-promoting air-ion concentration. International laboratory tests and an appraisal conducted by the University of Marburg have confirmed the rapid inactivation of germs and the permanent reduction of their number in room air. Fine-particle dust can be trapped with an additional electrostatically charged filter. The air humidifier AeroFresh or the air heating element PluggMar are further optional accessories for improving air quality.

Fresh air enhances creativity

Farenholtz is looking forward to his time in the new build: “I am convinced: We have made the right decision. Particularly in winter the air quality used to be of poor quality by the afternoon. In order to prevent a loss of warmth, the windows were usually kept shut. Naturally this had a negative effect on our concentration and productivity. Now our employees will certainly be bursting with creativity for our customers.”

Fact sheet:

Address:Zehnerweg, 86899 Landsberg
Type of house: Two storey commercial construction
Building standard:Passive house
Owner:Barbara Farenholtz
Architect:Antje Rüggeberg, Nuremberg
Technical building services designer:Peter Thomas, Buchloe
Specialist heating, plumbing and ventilation company:Sanitär Häntsche GmbH, Landsberg
Ventilation system:Central ventilation system with heat recovery, ventilation device type Pluggit AP 310 (WRG in accordance with the definitions of the German Institute for Building Technology (Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik - DIBt): 85,4%; air flow volume up to 300 m³/h; Electro-efficiency: 0.25 Wh/m³); air distribution system in the insulation with flat channels type PluggFlex PK150 and PK200, Pluggit silencer SD150-P and central air distribution system EV; extra equipment: PluggLine, VOC-Sensor, Servoflow control, Preheating radiator

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