Saving heating costs by means of the room ventilation system

Today, newly built houses are equipped with very good heat insulation and airtight windows with heat absorbing glass by default. The heat losses have considerably reduced compared to former times, but the so-called “ventilation heat losses”, when windows are opened for ventilation purposes and the heat energy flows outside, continue to be at a high level.

According to a research done by the German Energy Agency (dena) the ventilation heat losses from a detached house (built in compliance with EnEV) can absolutely amount to 9,009 kWh per year, this corresponds to the energy content of 900 litres of fuel oil. The actual loss depends on the user behaviour and can turn out to be even higher, for example, when windows are tilted for a long time in winter. Thanks to a convenience ventilation system with heat recovery these heat losses can be considerably reduced. The dena determined actual savings of 63 %. The fact that windows or doors are open for a short period of time has also been taken into account. In this case, the ventilation heat loss only amounts to 3,303 kWh per year or in other words 9,009 – 3,003 = 5,706 kWh can be saved per year which corresponds to an energy content of about 570 litres of fuel oil or 570 cubic metres of gas.

Heating costs savings

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