Technical service

The Pluggit service team supports our expert partners on technical matters in a competent and reliable manner.

In order to be able to ensure a quick and efficient service, we request all private system operators to contact their heating installation firm in case of required service.

The specialist can directly provide us with all technically necessary information about your room ventilation system in relation to planning and installation.

In case you don’t know a specialist firm, read up on our local expert partners or otherwise we will be happy to help you find your nearest specialist firm.

We competently and reliably support you, starting with technical matters concerning the construction site services and commissioning up to information on maintenance and cleaning.

Keep information about your fresh air system and type according to the type plate, system information, the date of purchase, the date of commissioning, type of malfunction as well as contact data of the customer and the local contact ready please.

You can contact the Pluggit services division by email at

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