Installation of fireplaces and room ventilation systems

Solid-fuel fireplaces, such as tiled stoves or wood-burning stoves, generate fumes during the combustion process which may enter the living areas if the chimney draught is of insufficient size and there is negative pressure in the installation room.

Combination of fireplace and room ventilation system

In this context Pluggit ventilation units provide a maximum level of safety at state-of-the-art level. If the supply air fan happens to fail, due to a technical defect for example, the ventilation unit also automatically switches off the exhaust air fan, and no negative pressure can arise in the room.

However, the responsible district chimney sweep must be consulted whenever solid-fuel fireplaces and ventilation systems are to be installed within a flat.

Various companies offer devices which check the negative pressure of the chimney in comparison to the installation room.

The ventilation unit is switched off if there no longer is any negative pressure which is high enough to exhaust the flue gases.

For further information, please refer to the leaflets about fireplaces.

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