Maintenance & cleaning

The regular inspection of our ventilation systems extends your warranty.

Maintenance of the Pluggit systems ensures warranty

The most important maintenance, the filter replacement with Pluggit ventilation systems, can be carried out by the users themselves. It is recommended to replace the filters in the Pluggit ventilation systems by original Pluggit filters at least once a year and to have the ventilation systems maintained by an authorised specialist company once a year. In this way, the manufacturer’s warranty optionally extends to 6 years! Details

Cleaning with CleanSafe – The Pluggit concept

The CleanSafe cleaning concept has been developed by Pluggit and has been exactly tailored to the cleaning of the PluggFlex ventilation ducts. The CleanSafe principle guarantees a very low pollution potential of our distribution system due to smooth surfaces and a trouble-free cleaning concept, the convincing results of which have been confirmed by an independent testing institute. Details

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Oct 07 2013 New owner strengthens Pluggit!

Pluggit, the German specialist and technological leader for residential ventilation with heat recovery has experienced solid development in recent years, which has led to a significant increase in market share. Key success factors contributing to Pluggit’s market leadership position are its innovative strength and excellent access to the market. In order to further enhance growth and to ensure a winning position in the race for innovation, the shareholders of Pluggit entered, advised by Altium Capital AG, into a process to find a new but strategic partner.

Dec 14 2011 Refurbishment & room ventilation

The Pluggit room ventilation systems. With Pluggit refresh, you can install the entire fresh air system in an existing flat.