Supply air via the iQoanda ring distribution system air outlets

The supply air is consistently supplied through a patented ring distribution system to each supply air room from the ventilation unit. Every designer air outlet

iQuanda designer cover

is connected to an individual refresh distributor module

Distributor module

The amount of air can be regulated at each refresh distributor module by means of a throttle for every connected room. The PluggFlex duct isonly 5 cm high and is installed under the ceilingand concealed by the patented click casing system.

refresh ring with iQuanda valve

The air flows into each supply air room through the so-called iQoanda air outlet. The designer air outlet designed by the well-known Swedish interior architect Ninni Göranson ensures a visually appealing shape of the visible part of the system. The iQoanda air outlets are connected to the ring distribution system by means of the refresh distributor modules and thus to the ventilation unit. The amount of air for each room can be directly regulated at the respective distributor module. The desired amount of supply air for the entire flat is centrally set using a wired remote control.


Exhaust air extraction with the ring distribution system

The exhaust air is sucked directly into the exhaust air ring via a designer cover, a filter and the distributor module. Due to the patented ...

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PluggFlex – ducts & hoses

Our purpose-designed and patented ducts and hoses can be quickly installed. Usually, neither shaped parts nor seals are necessary.

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