The Fürth residential building cooperative carried out modernisation work and in this context relied on the Pluggit refresh system

The installation of the refresh systems has been the first test object in terms of the ventilation system for the Fürth residential building cooperative.

But already by now Karl Binder says: “We would again rely on a room ventilation system for future complete refurbishments including changes of the ground plan in the same way.” One reason that speaks for the Pluggit company is its strong customer focus: because normally the circular supply and exhaust air ducts in the hallway are cladded with plastic enclosures. “This solution didn’t visually match our refurbishment concept”, explains Karl Binder.

The three buildings in Leibnizstraße shine in new splendour after the refurbishment. The post-war artwork could also be preserved thanks to the elaborate restoration.

Before the refurbishment the property in Leibnizstraße 21 to 25 looked like this neighbouring row of houses.

The refresh supply and exhaust air ducts are “concealed” beneath these plasterboard claddings which have been especially designed for the Fürth residential building cooperative.

The heat exchanger in the inside of the ventilation system is the centrepiece of the refresh system which was installed in the bathroom in this apartment.

Fresh air is sucked in and used air is extracted to the outside by means of this universal exterior wall grill.

Spacious built-on balconies with floor level transitions into the apartments make the refurbishment measure perfect.

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