Things to know about PluggMar

Just compare PluggMar to other heating systems. Due to the high heat storage, conventional heating systems become as lumbering as an ocean liner. The PluggMar reacts quickly and flexibly due to its lower storage volumes and can thus be controlled exactly as you want and in an energy saving manner.

Examples of the combination of PluggMar air/heat systems at a glance:

Examples of combinations for PluggMar: PluggMar: air/heat element; distribution: air/heat distribution system in the building; storage: heat storage medium of the heating system; regulation: regulation system for temperature control;

Floor construction of the system with PluggMar : Steigleitung: riser main; PluggFlex-Schlauch: PluggFlex hose; PluggMar Luft-Wärme-Element: PluggMar air-heat element; Integration Heizung: integration heating; Verteiler: Distributor; PluggFlex-Kanal: PluggFlex duct

Response time in comparison to other heating systems: Raumtemperatur (°C) = room temperature (°C); Aufheizzeit (Minuten) = heating-up time (minutes); Plattenheizkörper = steel panel radiator; Radiator = radiator; Fußbodenheizung = floor heating


PluggMar floor-mounting version (Slimline) – lean design, quick heat

The air-heat element for floors. The innovative combination of fresh air supply and heat transfer system is also available in a version whic ...

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PluggMar wall – gentle heat, elegant design

The air-heat element for walls. The fresh air is conducted from the fresh air unit via PluggFlex ducts to the PluggMar.

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PluggMar Elektro wall-mounting – flexible heat according to requirements

The PluggMar air-heat element for electrical heating is also suitable for rooms without connection to a hot water distribution system.

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