You live healthier. Because healthy living starts with fresh air.

Because healthy living starts with fresh air. In many countries good health is regarded as the most important human asset. And the proverbial "feeling well" depends more than people think on the quality of the air we permanently inhale.

Thus, improved living quality thanks to a pleasant room climate is much more: “priceless quality of life”!

On average we spend 21.6 hours indoors every day. We take approximately 26,000 breaths and inhale about 18,000 litres of air. These figures clearly underline the importance of excellent air quality in your home. But: A house which is built in compliance with the German Energy Savings Regulation has a very tight structure and is well insulated. Though this makes perfect sense in terms of energy consumption, fresh air to breathe unfortunately stays outside in this way. The problem: we often perceive poor air quality only indirectly – and too late. Used and humid air, pollutants and carbon dioxide (which is always produced when we exhale) quickly cause general malaise, tiredness and headaches. German lawmakers realised that as well – and therefore prescribed in § 5 paragraph 2 of the German Energy Savings Regulation that the “… required minimum air exchange for health and heating purposes…” must be ensured.

The solution: The up-to-date Pluggit systems help you ensure a regulated fresh air supply and the reliable extraction of used and humid air. For your health and well-being – with every breath you take.

The Pluggit refresh convenience room ventilation systems with heat recovery

• ensure a healthy indoor air quality

• prevent humidity and the risk of mould growth

• relieve allergy problems

• can be cleaned.

Fresh air for your health


PluggVoxx by bioclimatic

Most healthy air for your home - Air treatment due to ionisation and photo-oxidation

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AF400 – Clean air thanks to sophisticated filter technology

For allergy sufferers, who are subject to particular strain in summer, we recommend the installation of a separate electrostatic Pluggit AF4 ...

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