You save up to 70% energy with up to 95% heat recovery

77% of every household’s entire energy demand is spent on room heating. The heat losses are composed of the so-called transmission heat and ventilation heat losses. Today, the most important saving potential is in the field of ventilation heat loss.

This is the energy which “disappears” outside in an uncontrolled manner due to opening windows. The heat lost by the components themselves is referred to as transmission heat loss. In old buildings the percentage of energy lost by means of ventilation heat loss was extremely low. Today it is the other way round and, thanks to sealing and insulation, the transmission heat losses are only a fraction.

The highest saving potential is in the field of ventilation. Find out why a convenience ventilation system with heat recovery is the most effective way to save energy!

The Pluggit befresh ventilation systems provide up to 95% heat recovery, save energy, protect the environment and save heating costs.

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